Welcome to updates. This is a list of all the changes that happen to the site. From design to focus, from header to footer. Read it here.

Did you spot a bug? Let me know.

V 3.0

January 2015

New Base Theme

The site has significant improvements all round and is now based on another theme. It brings with it responsive improvements and faster page loading.  This also resulted in many bugs being squished.

A Different Look

I have changed the look of the site quite a bit. It is still clean, but not as sparkly clean as before. I hope this will make content seem bold and stand out, rather than just sink into the background.

New Page And Post Engine

Pages and posts now have a new underlying engine, allowing for advanced and complex page and post layouts. Expect to see them used in the future for feature reviews and other various pages.


New footer with the ability to join the mailing list, social links and more.

Scroll To Top

Scroll to top is now silky smooth. =)

V 2.2

October 2014

The Menu Update

The menu update contains an entire menu overhaul, for both desktop and mobile users. It is powered by a number of tools that can be combined to create a clean and feature filled menu. Finding content should now be more visually appealing and efficent.

Responsive Improvements

There have been a number of responsive improvements to the site, the main one being mobile menus. The header menu now contains more links in a more accessible way, one which was not possible with previous iterations. The main menu now functions as an off canvas menu, meaning it will not overlap page content. It should feel much more natural for smartphone users compared to the previous version.

V 2.1

July 2014

The Content Update

After the 2.0 update and the new redesign it brought with it I have been working in my free time on 2.1. Yes its better, and yes it paves the way for more content. That’s what 2.1 is, a content update.

Bug Squish Rampage

The new design brought the best responsive design this site has ever seen, but somehow some bugs managed to sneak in. I have been on a violent rampage and destroyed any bug I can find. Items should now align better, so your OCD is no longer an issue caused by this site.


I like to say I have always been very efficient when answering questions people have asked me. Within seconds of a comment being posted I have replied with a meaningful comment. Now I am taking your questions to the next level, and introducing ask. Ask is a place where you can ask me questions, shock horror! It gives you a dedicated place to talk to me, and let me know what you need help with. I will be answering questions in both video and post form as quickly as possible. It helps you fuel the content I make, and I will of course include any link you like in the video/post I make as a follow up. Ask away here.

New Content

With Ask helping fuel some content I make I am also adding additional content. Fonts and wallpapers are making a return. They were popular in the past, but I slowed down on doing them (I have no idea why). Look forward to some excellent wallpapers and fonts popping up in the near future. I am also embarking into a new category, websites. There are a lot of great sites out there on the net which I look to for inspiration, ideas and sometimes in wonder. Look forward to seeing some excellent sites coming your way to help fuel your website inspiration.

Mailing List

And with all this great content on the way I want to share it with you as best as I can, which is why I am introducing the Mailing List. Have all of this sites posts sent straight to your inbox, along with the occasional early access and exclusive content. Be sure to sign up here.

V 2.0

May 2014

Total Redesign

The entire site has received a complete and fresh redesign. From designing my personal site and my gear site to a minimal feel I felt it was time for my main central site to receive a similar update. Essentially the theme and the way it looks has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. I have done away with the Cards that I used in the past to contain content, and have striped away as much as I can.


Because the site has a clean and minimalistic design it means that I had to take a load of things out. Because of which pages load faster. As well as that some plugins have either been replaced with more efficient ones or have been completely removed. Many plugins have also been directly integrated as core features and are not relied upon.


The site has been responsive for over a year now (I was a bit slow to push out the update), and I am now pleased to say it is both looking and working better than ever before.

The Updates

I have done a number of updates to this site, yet I have never really fully documented them. Today that begins with version 2.0 of the site. All the previous updates have been point updates, where as this is a major update. Expect this page to develop more as time goes on.


I have added a recent page that will show all posts in a single list. No more having to go category by category if you don’t want to. Read them all!

New Visuals

Along with this new design I have made a number of video visuals to accompany this update. They again follow a clean look, and should certainly stand out while still providing vital information. Expect to see these in all future videos for the foreseeable future.

Re inspired

I was tired with my old design, and slightly lost inspiration in what I do. This new designs gives me a breath of fresh air, and a way to really create some killer content. I have a number of videos and posts planned for the next while so expect them shortly. Oh, and they will be better than ever. Trust me.

V 1.0