It has been about 2 months since Update 2.0 which brought a new, clean, minimal design which paved the way for more content to follow in the future. Now its time for Update 2.1, the content update. I have added a number of new, amazing features to the site, along with new category’s of content to accompany them. Lets take a look at what’s new.



Ask is a new way for you to help me do what I do, by asking me questions. Really. It helps. When you ask a question over at I will create a follow up video and post to help answer your question. Any questions you have I am willing to answer (within reason) and if I do answer your question I will of course share a website or social link of your choice with my viewers.

Fonts, Wallpapers and Sites

I am going back to sharing fonts and wallpapers again. I did these in the past but decided to stop doing them. Some of those older posts are still pulling in a good amount of traffic, so I thought I would get back into the swing of things sharing them.

I should also mention I am no web designer, but I do build websites and very commonly look at other sites for inspiration. I intend to share some of the sites that inspire me and/or leave me in wonder. Hopefully this will inspire you to keep building or start building sites.

Mailing List

I am pleased to also announce the Mailing List, in which you can have my posts sent to your inbox. I will also be sure to share exclusive and early access content with you, so if you like what I do defiantly sign up.

And that’s it, a list of all the new features added to the site. Be sure to join the Mailing List for the latest content I have as soon as its ready. With this new content update, we should be seeing a lot of great things coming soon. As always check out updates to see a full change log of previous updates.