Since updating to Windows 8.1 a few weeks ago (Yes, I updated almost a year late) I have missed a good backup utility. Windows 8 had a great built in app called “Windows 7 backup”, which was later removed in Windows 8.1 I really missed how simple it was to backup my files, and started looking towards File History. A little while later I found a trick to back up any folder in file history. It’s free and built straight into Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Here’s here to do it.


Written Guide

So to do this is extremly simple, and I was kind of shocked as to how easy it is. The first thing you want to do is navigate to any folder you want to backup in Windows Explorer. An easy way to open Windows Explorer is “Windows Key” + “E”. Once open simply find any folders you want to back up and right click them and select “Include in Library”. Then create a new libriary. The name doesn’t ¬†matter, however calling it “Backup” will keep things simple.

And that’s it. Really. Oh, and dont forget to turn file history on as well. You can do that by pressing “Control” + “C” to open charms, and then click search. The search for file history and your done. Select a backup drive, a backup schedule and you are good to go. Now you can sleep tight knowing your files are safe.

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