A few months back I had the idea to create a very light weight website which would tell people who I am. I wanted to tell people the things I do, share my social networks and also link to where people could contact me. I have done all this on my newest website Me.LukeTacyn.com.


The site meets every design intention I had. Its very lightweight so it will load fast and look great on any device, be it your phone, tablet or computer. I have never done a site like this one before, and I am very pleased with its current form. I have also prepared it so I can add a personal blog and/or portfolio of my work. I am still undecided in doing such, but at least I know I have the option.

The video above also functioned as a test of my new microphone, the Blue Yeti. I really wanted to step up my video content in terms of audio, and I believe the Blue Yeti is going to allow me to do so.

Be sure to take a look at the new site yourself, and let me know what you think about it.

Visit the site