Some of you who have been following me over the course of the past few weeks would know I have been working hard on a site update, which went live just last week. I introduced a great responsive design, giveaways, galleries and a fancy new navigation system. Its currently being use on the site now, have a look at it above. The very top navigation was coded and styled by myself, but the main navigation Menu is powered by a WordPress plugin called UberMenu.

UberMenu is a premium plugin costing only £12.00, (it’s worth every penny). The kind of things you can accomplish with UberMenu are outstanding. It basically overhauls the default WordPress menu settings, adding loads of new features. I have yet to see a single plugin or default theme menu create anything near to what UberMenu can accomplish.

Below is a list of some of the best features of UberMenu:

  • Fully responsive design

  • Compatible with desktops, iPhone, iPad and Android

  • Over 20 themes to choose from

  • Edit the themes whichever way you like, or create your own

  • Transitions (fade & slide)

  • Add an image as a menu item

  • Add images alongside menu names

  • Add descriptions

  • Add widgets as dropdown menu items

  • If you know how to use Menu’s in WordPress, you know how to use UberMenu


As you can see from my Menu I am not using every feature, but the Menu is how I like it. If you use WordPress I strongly recommend this plugin. Its only cheap, and is by far the best plugin I have on this site.

UberMenu | £12 ($16)