Taking screenshots has been around for a long time, but it has also been very annoying when it comes to multiple screenshots, as one would overwrite the other in the clipboard. The only way to save them was pasting them in paint, and then saving. This is a problem that Windows has had for a while and today I am going to show how to automatically save screenshots in windows 8.

Now we are all familiar with the standard “Print Screen” method for screenshots. In Windows 8 if you instead press “Windows key”+ “Print Screen” you will take a screenshot which is then automatically saved. You can find the screenshots in your Pictures library, in a newly created folder called “Screenshots”.

Tip: To get to your Pictures library, press “Windows Key”+”E” to bring up the Windows explorer, the in the left hand side panel click Libraries > Pictures > Screenshots.

You screenshots will be saved in chronological order, and will not overwrite each other.

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