Since Google I/O a few weeks back I have been really loving Google+. It now looks and feels a whole lot better than what it did in the past, and the new hashtag functionality really helps discover great content. I wasn’t ready to stop posting to Twitter and make the leap to Google+, so instead I found a nifty little website that lets you publish Google plus posts to Twitter. The website is called manage flitter, and the setup is next to seamless.

1.       Start off by heading over to and sign in by connecting Twitter to Manage flitter.

2.       In the Menu go to PowerPost then there will be a link on the left saying “Google+ To Twitter“.

3.       It will then ask for your Google+ profile page URL (For example, mine is:


4.       Take a look at the options, you might find some of them helpful.

5.       When done click “Start Sharing

Note: If you ever want to stop sharing that’s no problem, go back to the same page and click “Stop Sharing”