If you are like me you are an email addict. For years I have used Thunderbird by as my main email client. I had always felt slightly uncomfortable with it. I never really liked how it looked, and working with 6-7+ email accounts was always a hassle with it. It was the best of a bad bunch, but now I have found the best. Postbox.

Postbox is a premium email client costing just under £6.00 ($9.95) (although they do offer a 30 day free trial). Their tagline is “First Class Email” and I must agree. It is actually based on Thunderbird, and offered to import all of my settings from Thunderbird, which was a very pleasant surprise. It is not open source though, but it really is an amazing.

Going into the options panel you will recognise it is near identical to thunderbird, but the rest of Postbox is very different. The UI is very clean and customizable. Don’t like the sidebar? Drag it away. Don’t need that forward button? Hide it. What’s great is you can switch between either vertical or horizontal views for emails, so it will support some old email traditions.

Postbox offers a number of features that really are hands down killer features. Conversations look great, better than I have ever seen and tagging emails into topics help you organise them for future reference. Postbox also has “Awesome” Gmail support, allowing you to use Gmail labels, sending and archiving and even Gmail keyboard shortcuts if you’re a heavy Gmail user. The focus pane helps you view messages from favourite contacts, topics, certain attributes and from today, yesterday, this week or this month. Quick replying helps you get through your crowded inbox quickly and Postbox also integrates with dropbox. Instead of sending big images Postbox can move them into Dropbox and just share the link automatically. Beside the new UI the thing I love most is the ability to quickly find images and documents in your inbox. I receive word documents what seems daily, and finding them quickly and easily is certainly a welcome feature. Postbox also supports addons, so you make make Postbox better by way of third party developers.

For only £6 you can not really complain. It is available on Windows and OS X. It is by far the best email clients I have ever used, and am looking forward to using it for the coming years.