Microsoft has been trying so hard to get Windows 8 out there. It really is the company’s number one goal right now. They want to dominate both the desktop and the tablet market with a single OS. Problem is a company called “Apple” created and is currently dominating the tablet market, which is why Microsoft have staged an attack in the form of their two most recent adverts.

They put a Windows 8 tablet right next to an iPad, and do a direct comparison between the two. Microsoft of course show that the Windows tablet is better, showing its weight, price, live tiles and multitasking. Yes its biased, but some parts are true. I would love to have some of the features from Windows 8 on my iPad, and I would love some features from my iPad on a Windows 8 tablet. Each platform does thigns better than another. Take a look at the adverts below.

Along with these new adverts Microsoft have also created a comparison site, choosing to compare a number of Windows tablet to the iPad. Microsoft chose to put an ASUS, Dell, HP and their own Surface RT against the iPad. As before, the surface comes out better in terms of specs. Then again, specs are not everything. You could buy the highest spec’ed out computer, but if it sucks, what good are specs?