After having recently bought myself a new laptop I have really loved touchpads. The laptops touchpad was so good I found I was edging towards using the touchpad rather than its connected mouse. I decided to buy one for my desktop computer, and here is my Logitech T650 review.

So replacing a mouse with a touchpad may seem odd, and it is. I am certainly in the minority of people who have opted for touchpads over mice. If your only experience of touchpads is on old laptops then you will have somewhat of a biased point of view. Many of the touchpads on laptops are awful. They are too small, gestures are next to nonexistent, and will push you to carry a mouse with you in your laptop bag permanently. This touchpad is different.

It’s a big touchpad. Very big. Not too big. I admit I do not use every inch of it but the size would be comfortable for just about any size of hand. You have plenty of room to move your fingers around perform the many gestures that this touchpad offers. Did I mention the gestures?

This touchpad has been designed for Windows 8 and has gestures to bridge the gap between the touch screen experience and the typical mouse and keyboard experience we are used to. Things sure as switching between the start screen and the desktop, opening the charms bar and multitasking Metro styled apps are now accessible from a small number of gestures. All of these gesture can be activated, deactivated or modified to suit your needs. Because I don’t touch the start screen at all in Windows 8 I turned just about every gesture off. The only ones I didn’t disable were the left and right click, middle click and two-finger scroll. One thing I found really nice is you can check the battery level of the touchpad from within the same software you use to configure gestures (Setpoint).

Back to the design of the touchpad, it has a glass surface which feels fantastic to use. Fingers just glide across it, making gestures such as two-finger scrolling leaving a feeling of elegance. Its slightly wedged and has rubber feet underneath which do a fantastic job of preventing the touchpad sliding around when gesturing.

There is a small Logitech logo at the top of the touch pad, and to the right of that will be an indicator light, that will let you know if the mouse gets connected/disconnected. Along the sides there is a power switch on the right and on the top is a micro-USB port used for charging with the included cable.

By the way the battery seems great, I have yet to re-charge it from its initial charge and it is lasting fine. I have not switched it off and it has been in use on average six hours every day for the past week. And of course it charging over USB makes charging a doddle.

Despite how much I praise this Touchpad it has not fully 100% replaced my mouse. Every now and then I love to do a bit of PC gaming, and gaming on a touchpad is a joke. I don’t care which touchpad you use, gaming on it will likely be impossible. Heavy video and image editing is also not too fun on the touchpad. Because of which I still have my old Dell mouse connected and hidden away behind one of my screens, that way I can pull it out whenever I need. It will not make you throw your mouse away, but it will certainly compliment you desktop computer.