If you are like me you will have 2 computers. A high end desktop computer and a portable computer, so you can work out on the go. Sometimes I need files to sync between computers seamlessly. The files in question are folders with 350gb+ worth of video and photographs. Syncing this amount of data is not easy, but thankfully I came across a tool recently called BitTorrent Sync, that allows the syncing of unlimited files between computers for free.

What I love most is that it can sync over the internet or over a local network, meaning your internet speed will not take a beating. It also has a really easy setup, just install BitTorrent on each computer, tell which files you want to share and that’s it. BitTorrent will be syncing your files, and will do so automatically from now on.

BitTorrent also comes with some features you may find handy, such as one-way syncing and one-time secrets.

And there you have it. How to Sync Unlimited Files between multiple computers. BitTorrent  is available now on Windows, OSX and Linux for free.

BitTorrent Sync