LoveCases were kind enough to send me a Soundwave SW50 to review.

Let’s start with how it looks. It looks great. Its only 7cm wide and is available in white and black. It’s not the shape of a boring old speaker, which really does show that the product has had time and consideration put into its design. It’s not the kind of thing that you will put in your pocket, but could easily be thrown in a small bag, laptop bag or simply left around the house. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the post.

As the title says it uses Bluetooth, which means any device that has Bluetooth should work just fine with it. Pairing the device is easy, and is just like any other Bluetooth device. The speaker is quite loud as well, not amazingly loud but for what it is, I am certainly impressed with it. I have tested it in noisy environments, such as in the kitchen with the extractor fan on. It performs well, and is certainly better than any speaker on any phone.

I would say the quality is quite good, and not bad by any stretch. When the speaker is on full volume you definitely do notice the quality drop slightly, but it still sounds great for what it is. The battery life is only three or four hours long. Not the best, but seeing it charges over USB, you should be able to charge it no hassle. It also has a built in microphone, so you can answer calls on it and talk using it as well. From testing I am definitely impressed with this feature.

It comes with a travelling pouch, USB cable and also a grip mat, so it can be used in places such as a car. I actually didn’t find the grip mat worked well at all, and found the speaker may sit more comfortable in a cup holder, or in another similar compartment.

The speaker is only £20 on Love cases and come strongly recommended. I am impressed with the product, and for the price I really don’t think you can beat it. LoveCases also do a wide variety of other products, such as their array of iPhone 5 accessories.

LoveCases has also given me one to give away, to you! You can enter now for a chance to win here.

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