Today is a big day for I am currently looking into expanding the site, and adding significantly more content to it. I have been analyzing what is, and isn’t working and coming up with solutions to get my content out there. One thing I am updating today is the theme.

The theme I was origionaly using fitted the site well. It was clean, minimal and I really liked it. The problem was it was falling behind in terms of features. One feature I particularly wanted was a responsive design, meaning it could be loaded on a desktop, phone or tablet and still look great. The problem is I am not an expert with PHP or HTML, so simply editing the original theme was out of the question.

I am a little more skilled with CSS though, as it is particularly simple to understand and to make¬†changes. What I decided to do was download a responsive theme, and then style it so it looked like the original. I think I have done a pretty good job, anyone familiar with the old design will be able to say how similar it is. Even though I think it’s all good I really want¬† people to browse around and see if they can find any inconsistencies or bugs in the theme. Please remember that the site is responsive, so testing on a mobile and tablet is critical.

Please leave any questions, bugs or comments below.