For the past few years of being online I have always liked the idea of having a logo. A symbol that I could place just about anywhere and people will know who it is. Me. Truth of the matter is I have never really had a full on logo. I started off with just a T with a slightly fancy font. That was designed to be temporary. From there I put the “T” in a circle, and then a square. For 2 years that was my online logo, temporary for two years. Recently I felt the need to make a new, modern official logo. That I have done.


A lot of the inspirations for this logo came from general design trends we are seeing just about everywhere today. Logos used by Microsoft, Windows, The Verge, eBay and just the entire internet in general is going for very minimalism and ‘sharp edges’ approach. I am absolutely in love with this style, and this is why it influenced the design of my new logo.


I started off with the same idea as previously, I wanted it to be a “T”. I also wanted it to follow the sharp corners and minimal design I have come to love in recent designs. I started just throwing the letter T onto a page and started cutting it up. I wanted the parts of the logo to “float” so that I could do some interesting video effects with it and give me expandability to do some interesting things with Lower Thirds. At first I was just playing around, but I ended up actually quite a decent result.


I went through a number of drafts with my logo design, and ended up with the logo shown below.

The logo seems to fit the need I wanted, separate parts, minimal, sharp corners and it stands out reasonably well. I will admit it is very different from anything I have designed in the past, so it will be interesting to see how well I can pull off implementing it across the number of social networks I use and the videos, graphics and websites I produce.