With the recent release of Chrome for iOS many users (Including myself) have switched to using Chrome as their main browser instead of the default safari. Some people are still struggling to make the switch. Here are some reasons you should use Safari over Chrome on your iOS device.

Home Screen Links

This is a amazing feature that Chrome unfortunately doesn’t have. You can add links to the websites you visit most to your home screen, meaning they can be easily accessed. Chrome can’t do this.

Email Links open in Safari

If you’re like me I will get a lot of emails that contain links, which I will need to open. These will not open in Chrome but Safari. If you want to view the link in Chrome you will have to copy the link, open Chrome and then paste it. If you do it excessively this could become a bit of a pain really quickly.

Bookmarks Bar

As I said in my previous article I am not a big bookmarks user, but I am aware many people are. Chrome does not have a bookmarks bar, where as Safari does. If you want to view the bookmarks in Chrome you have to open a new tab and then find your bookmark, which can be a bit tedious if you have grown accustom to using a bookmarks bar.

Social Sharing

What is a disappointment about Chrome is that there is no way to share a page with social networks, the most you get to choose from is email. With Safari you can tweet a webpage and with iOS 6 you will have the ability to share with Facebook.

Accessing History

Every now and then I need to access my web history so I can find a webpage I was on earlier. This feature is built into Safari but for some reason is not built into Chrome. Again another feature that could be easily implemented into Chrome but unfortunately it is not.

And there you have it, my Top 5 reasons to use Safari over Chrome for iOS. Have any other reasons why Safari is the better choice? Let me know below!