With the recent release of Chrome for iOS many users (Including myself) have switched to using Chrome as their main browser instead of the default safari. Some people are still struggling. Here are some reasons you should use Chrome over Safari on your iOS device.

Syncing Tabs

This is my favourite feature of Chrome for iOS, as your tabs will sync between all your devices. Here’s an example, let’s say you are using Chrome on your desktop. You can then literally pick up your iPad and load any tab that is currently on your desktop. If you don’t quite see how good that feature is just re-read this paragraph until you get it.

Better Password Remembering

So Chrome for iOS remembers the same passwords as your desktop version of Chrome. So if you have Desktop Chrome to remember your Facebook password, Chrome for iOS will also remember that password. This is again just another one of those features that you will appreciate once you use it.

Auto-Loading pages

This is another one of those features that is on Desktop Chrome but is also on iOS. Pages will automatically load as Chrome will predict what page you are going to open. For example, lets say you type “fac” into the uni-bar (another great reason to use chrome over safari) it will predict you are going to want to go to Facebook, and then begin to load that page in the background. This means the page begins to load earlier and therefore to load faster.

Syncing Bookmarks

Syncing Bookmarks may be a great feature if you are a heavy bookmark user. I personally am not but I can see the value in having the same bookmarks on both your desktop and your iOS device. Again another feature that you may only begin to appreciate once you have used it yourself.

Request Desktop Site

Don’t you hate it when some websites insist you must use their “mobile friendly” version when you attempt to load their website on iOS. With Chrome you can request to view the desktop site. This will change the page rendering engine so the page will load as though you are looking at it from a desktop. Again another feature that you will not appreciate until you have to use it.

And there you have it, my Top 5 reasons to use Chrome over Safari for iOS. Have any other reasons why Chrome is the better choice? Let me know below!