When I was 14 the iPod 2nd Gen iPod touch was released, and of course it had access to the app store. A large number of my friends bought this iPod and (as you can imagine) filled it with apps. All the apps that they installed were silly games, and nothing more. I had a clouded opinion that the app store was just full of silly games, and nothing too useful at all. This all changed when I bought my iPad in July 2010 and realised that the app store had a wide variety of both gaming apps and productivity tools. Below I have listed some of the vital apps that I feel should be installed on every iPad. Please be aware that many of these apps are also compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Flipboard: Flipboard is one of my most used apps on my iPad because of its insane amount of functionality. It is a magazine app that you can connect to a large variety of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader and even RSS feeds. Once connected you can pull text, images, video and audio right within this app. Flipboard has a brilliant UI (User Interface) you can gracefully flip (hence Flipboard) through all your networks. This is the first app I go to when I use my iPad.

iWork: iWork is not just one app, but 3 apps called Pages, Keynote and Numbers, which together form the iWork suite. These apps are also available for Mac OS and a the equivalent of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All applications in the iWork suite can also sync via iCloud and do it well.

Pages: Pages is (from what I have found) the best word processing app for the iPad. It comes with a large number of templates that can be fully customized in any way you like. You have all the formatting tools you are familiar with in other word processing apps, such as changing fonts, font size, colour, bold, underline, italics, alignment and the list goes on. Once you have finished with your document you can export it as a pages document, word document or as a PDF. You can also print right from pages so long as you have a AirPrint compatible printer.

Keynote: Keynote is your presentation app. If you are familiar with keynote on the Mac or with PowerPoint on Windows then PowerPoint will fit like a glove. It allows to chose from templates, start a new keynote or import one from either keynote on the Mac or PowerPoint. You can add any number of slides, text, images saved on your device, charts, tables and shapes. All of these can be animated used the large variety of high quality animations. Some of the charts also have special 3D animations that look really nice. You can run the PowerPoint on the iPad itself and display it just on the screen or use the Apple VGA connector and hook your iPad up to a projector and see your keynote on the big screen.

Numbers: Numbers is not one I would recommend to everyone but can be helpful if you are doing a lot of work with numbers. It is very similar to both numbers on the Mac and excel on Windows. It has just about all of the functions and formula you would want, ranging from simple SUM and ROUND to VLOOKUP and TDIST (whatever that is). It can import from numbers on the Mac or Excel on the PC.  It also has some handy forms that you can use, allowing drop down lists and check marks allowing you to adjust information inside a table. Really it can be quite powerful so if you commonly working numbers this might be a good app for you.

iRead PDF: iRead PDF is a PDF reader. That’s it. When I think of a PDF reader I want something that is reliable and fast and this is it. It reads PDF’s in no fancy way, but in the way that is required. There is a tabbed interface, so you can easily switch between PDF’s. Really there’s not much I can say about it other than it works and it works great. There is a paid version but I’m getting along just fine with the free version, so don’t feel your missing out.

Evernote: I love Evernote. Im not talking about the app I mean the entire tool that is Evernote. If you are not familiar with Evernote I plan to do a post on it in the future but to put it simply it is a note taking app that syncs with the cloud. The Evernote app on the iPad allows me to view, edit and create notes right on the device, and therefore I love it. I love Evernote and depend on it so much it is a must have for my iPad.

Angry Birds :So Angry Birds is the game that should be on every iPad, phone or other tablet. So far this post has been all productivity but every now and then I feel the need to play some games. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Angry Birds so I don’t feel I should go into too much detail. Personally my favourite version of Angry Birds is Angry Birds space. The idea of it being in space with the added ability to orbit planets in order to complete your goal is just a fantastic feeling.

Readability: Readability is something I have been using since about March 2012 and I very quickly caught onto it. I have a whole post on readability coming shortly but to put it simply it allows you to save the content on a webpage and send it to your i Device. The reason content is in bold is that Readability does not save the whole webpage with ads and other webpage items, but just the important content. This is especially great if you read a lot of blogs, as with one click you can send a blog post to your i device to read later. It also works offline, so if you are travelling you could stock up on stuff to read before your trip.

So there you go, there are my must have iPad apps. If you have any apps that you feel I have missed let me know in the comments below.