Below is a blog post that has been imported from my old blog, originally posted on Sunday 7th August 2011.

For the past 4 years I have been using a samsung e250 as a mobile phone. I knew it was outdated and I did need an upgrade but I really liked that phone. It had a very fast, easy to use interface but unfortunately about a week ago it broke so I decided to et myself a Sydney, new release from orange. I have been using it for the past 6 or so hours and think I should share what I think.
One of the first things that caught my eye with this phone was it’s design, it looks very minimalistic (which I really like) and similar to an iPhone 4, the the way it has a silver band around the outside but instead to the back being glass it is very similar to that of the first 3 generations of the iPhone.It uses a 3.2″ touch screen which works fairly well to a finger but I have found using a stylus is much better. No stylus is included, and there is no slot for one, so if I was to carry one around with me it could be easily lost.There are also 2 ports on the phone, the 3.5mm headphone port and the micro USB port, used for charging the phone with the supplied USB cable and the wall plug adapter. Just above the touch screen is the small but powerful speaker. It does not work to well with outputting standard audio but when some calls you it is easily heard.As far as button on the phone go there are only 2 physical buttons, the power button (top left) and the menu button in the same place as the home button found on an iPhone. There are also 2 touch sensitive buttons found either side of the menu button, the “start call” and “end call” buttons. I’m not a huge fan of these, as on a call these are still active, which in my opinion is a poor design idea, as they can easily be knocked while on a call.
It is very unclear what operating system this phone runs, after doing some searching it runs Google Android 2.2 Froyo OS, which was very unclear when I bought it. There are 3 “home screens” that you can personalise with widgets that come pre-installed on the phone, I’m sure you can get more from elsewhere but as of yet I have not found that feature. The widgets are very unpleasant to look at, as the size of the screen really does not suit the widgets that will be running on the phone so I have not been using these very often.On this phone is also dock equivalent with 4 icons in it, main menu (takes you t the main menu), messages, Internet service (I have still yet to work out what this is) and contacts. These can not be personalised, which (in my opinion) is a huge downside, as I would use my media much more than I would the main menu button. Thought I aight to mention that as well, there is a button, a solid button, to take you to the main menu. So why they add that to the dock I have no idea.The UI is fairly responsive but when scrolling I have had difficulties as there is no momentum scrolling, so when scrolling down a long list I often do not find it is difficult to stop where I wanted and it seems to be very laggy, so it is a bit unpleasant when it comes to scrolling.

This phone comes packed with a 3mp camera with tests to be done in the future as I will be uploading pictures I took with this camera some time next week. From the aspect of taking pictures there is one major problem, there is a significantly long delay between pressing the “take picture” button and the camera actually taking a picture. Another problem is that to you take photos hold the phone vertically, not horizontally, so it seems a bit weird when taking a picture, the same also applies to video. Video also appears to have a low-frame rate but again, further tests will be done in the future.


This phone really does not come with any storage space for media, but does take a micro SD card with a maximum storage space of 4gb. I have put one of these in with a lot of podcasts and a few song on and my opinion of media usability is, ok?

You can tell I’m not to pleased with the way this phone handles media. One of the main problems I have is that it does not remember where I stopped listening to a podcast, so when I come back to it later I have to start again. I can fast forward but in reality is is slow forward as it takes ages to advance 10 minutes of audio. Also the media player widget is a bit hard to use, as it is not very responsive but is the only option I have. I have not tried video playback yet on this phone but I will look into it in the future.

I thought I should also add in the phone does come with a decent set of headphones with a microphone on them, so it can be used when driving easily.

Web browsing

Absent of any decent usability.

Overall this phone i would say is worth the £50 I paid for it, but i would happily pay £60 if the problems i have address were fixed. Well I think that’s everything I looked for in a phone, if you think I’ve missed anything or have any questions just tweet me @tparchive and I will get back to you shortly.